Care & Conditioning

Everlasting florals can be enjoyed for years to come with little maintenance required.  ‘Everlasting florals’ refers to both dried and preserved flowers and foliage.  Preserved florals tend to be more resilient than dried as they have undergone chemical processes designed to preserve their colour fastness, soft touch, and malleability.  Although everlastings have remarkable longevity, I estimate that an everlasting design should look its best for up to 24 months with little to no change; many enjoy their everlastings beyond this time but desire for change may be inevitable.  The average lifespan of an everlasting design can of course be affected by environmental factors; consequently, to keep your everlasting in its best condition there are some simple care and conditioning recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Comparative to preserved, dried flowers tend to fade over time, which I have always felt is part of their natural evolving beauty. However, to minimize colour change, I recommend placing your everlasting florals out of direct sunlight. 
  • It is also best practice to avoid moisture and humid spaces where possible. Humidity can present challenges for maintaining dried and preserved florals; particularly in homes that have evaporative air-conditioning.  As there is more moisture in the air, dried product can re-hydrate and, as a result, flowers can lose colour, soften, or bend. During summer, I recommend keeping your everlasting in a cooler space in your house.  Due to the humidity risk, I recommend against storing dried wreaths in boxes for part of the year without adequate ventilation. 
  • Delicate by nature, everlasting florals are best placed in positions where they are safe from wear and tear; consequently, the front door is not advisable for dried wreaths unless otherwise specified.
  • If desired, everlasting florals can be dusted being mindful that they are prone to shedding with contact.  A hairdryer on its lowest, coolest setting can be an effective dusting method.


Dried flower wreath in construction stage.