Bridal Bouquet vs Gift Bouquet: Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive? | 3 min read

Flowers have always been a luxury item; now more than ever. Since 2020, labour shortages, strikes, and shipment interruptions have caused flower prices to skyrocket amongst almost everything else. However, the general perception is that at the mere mention of the word ‘wedding’, flower prices seem to inexplicably escalate even more so, and the truth is they do, and they should. To help demystify why this is the case, let’s consider the differences between a gift bouquet and a bridal bouquet.

Gift Bouquet

Flower bouquet in pink tones using fresh spring blooms.

A gift bouquet is considered a ‘low contact’ item, which refers to the degree of communication or contact that occurs between you and your florist. When you order a bouquet to send as a gift, it will usually require one phone call, or one email, or maybe none of the above; perhaps the order process is even simpler to the effect of ‘adding to cart’. Depending on the florist, for such items, you may have the option to specify colour preferences or provide special requests; however, these options are usually kept very general. Many online florists preface seasonality, and as such, only offer florist’s choice for daily flower deliveries. When you purchase a gift bouquet, the price reflects the value of the hardgoods (flowers, vase, ribbon, etc), the florist’s time and design skill, and tax.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet in soft tones using fresh spring blooms.

A bridal bouquet, on the other hand, is a ‘high contact’ item that is usually ordered as part of a larger event vision. Wedding and event flowers are typically booked months in advance, requiring a series of communications between florist and client as well as extensive preparation. The process involved in making your dream bridal bouquet a reality begins with an enquiry that leads to a quotation then a consultation and a formal contract. Not quite as neat as ‘add to cart’. This is more of a long-term relationship. It is expected that wedding flowers involve more collaboration and client input, such as colour palette, flower preferences, and overall aesthetic. Ultimately, your florist wants to bring your vision to life and have a clear sense of how you want your event to feel. So, when you purchase wedding flowers, including your bridal bouquet, pricing involves more than the simple line items for a gift bouquet. A design or labour fee reflects the number of man hours devoted to planning your dream florals, including mood boards, renderings, and liaising with wholesalers to secure your flowers. This fee will also account for travel to suppliers, site visits, flower preparation, and design construction. While your wedding day may be just one, albeit very special day, there is so much time and energy that ensures it is as magical as possible.

To the less discerning, a gift bouquet and a bridal bouquet may appear similar: they both feature beautiful flowers, utilise interesting foliage, and have an appealing presentation. The truth is they could not be more different. Even if you embrace the spirit of elopement and seek a lone beautiful bridal bouquet, the planning and preparation involved will be far more extensive than that given for a gift. The price will and should reflect that effort.

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