About Us

Bracken and Berry owner creating flower installation.

Hello, my name is Tess, and I am the owner of Bracken & Berry. Thank you for your interest and I would love to share the Bracken & Berry origin tale with you.

Our Story

In one way or another, my career path has always been in pursuit of the arts; however, it may surprise you to know that I first fell in love with stories and pursued acting. I discovered flowers later in my creative journey, and they have captivated me in the same way a good play had me completely enveloped from start to end. I think we can learn a great deal from flowers: daily they teach me patience, gratitude, and the art of letting go. After years of studying and training under the guidance of some of the most talented florists in Perth, Bracken & Berry came about from my need for creative expression as well as a desire to share my unique floral aesthetic.

Our Style

Bracken fern grows with wild abandon throughout the southwest of WA. It represents my love of foliage and creating with dried materials. I find contrasts in texture particularly compelling and love using berries, nuts, and seed pods to add that unquantifiable ‘something’ to a design. Ever evolving, I hope my work resonates. I aim for a style that is timeless and rhythmical with a whimsical touch.

Our Direction

I appreciate that more than ever sustainability has become increasingly important in the cut flower industry, and I am mindful of this shift. Wherever possible I choose to work with locally grown or Australian grown flowers & foliage as well as opting for materials that can be re-used or recycled. With more insights & training available, I believe it is admirable that our industry is taking ownership of the ways in which we can improve our sustainability and minimise waste. For a number of reasons, I choose not to use floral foam in any of my work, which has enhanced the sustainability of my business, and both challenged and liberated me as a creative designer.

Florist holding bridal bouquet.To start, the niche for Bracken & Berry was bespoke dried floral art designs. Early in my floristry journey, I discovered the generous nature of flowers; undeniably beautiful when fresh, flowers transform in the most surprising and delightful ways as they dry. As a sustainable option, dried flowers will always be part of the Bracken & Berry offering; however, I cannot deny the love and inspiration found in fresh blooms. With fresh flowers in mind, we are currently preparing our wedding & events offering. This exciting next step for us will begin with elopements & small events, with larger events possible as my team grows. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any flower queries or just to say hi!

Tess xx