Bud Vases: 3 Reasons Why You Need Them for Your Wedding | 4 min read

A bud vase may be one of the most versatile and complementary styling pieces. I like to think of them as an event stylist’s best friend. Bud vases add a floral flourish to a tablescape and contribute to the ambience of a celebration. Whether they are abundant and lush or paired-back and minimalist, bud vases are impactful regardless. To follow are three reasons why I believe bud vases are amazing styling options and worth consideration for your next event.

1. Aesthetically Versatile

Gardenscape styling using glass bud vases with soft pink florals.

Bud vases complement all aesthetics seamlessly. No matter the aesthetic direction, for instance, if you were imagining a vintage boho style wedding or table styling inspired by an English tea party, bud vases harmonise beautifully. Just like any vase or vessel, bud vases differ in size, colour, and material, providing endless inspiration and design possibilities. Imagine metallic vases for a Moroccan-inspired event or ceramic bud vases with dried and fresh florals for a boho aesthetic. Bud vases also serve as a beautiful supporting cast to more extravagant floral designs. For example, if an overflowing compote design is featured in the centre of a long table, bud vases can be utilised to fill gaps and add to the abundance of the table without competing with the focal piece.

2. Budget Friendly

Glass bud vases featuring roses only.

In the scheme of table centrepieces, bud vases can be incredibly cost-effective. If money were no object, you might aspire to have utter floral extravagance for your wedding with abundant flowers featured in all the prime locations throughout your day. However, reality will likely dictate that you allocate a budget for flowers and, according to that budget, prioritise your floral design wish list. What aspects to your wedding day are most important to you? Do you love the idea of an abundant arbor for your ceremony backdrop? Does a floral installation above the bridal table appeal to you? If you aspire to have a large-scale design, which are amazing statement features, but may not necessarily have the budget to also account for extensive wedding party florals and lush table centrepieces then bud vases provide such an effective work-around. By scaling back on your table features, bud vases enable you to add a floral accent to the tablescape thereby supporting the continuity of your aesthetic and adding to the ambience. While bud vases can consist of a plentiful floral mix, it is amazing the impact that one statement bloom can make. A few stems of roses or dahlias can be all that is needed. By simplifying the tablescape, you can concentrate your budget on the floral designs that matter most to you.

3. Tablescape Practicality

Bud vases in groupings featuring soft romantic florals.

The practical logistics of conversing at a table are valuable details easily overlooked. Do you want to be able to see and interact with guests across the table? Then potentially expansive table centrepieces are counterintuitive. If you’re using long rectangular tables, what are the dimensions? Do you have enough space to accommodate flowers, glassware, and dinnerware? Does the menu include a shared course where platters are placed in the centre of the table? The table space limitations are so important to consider and may even make the decision for you. Where physical space is a problem, bud vases are an easy solution. Their placements can be scattered or grouped (as in the image) for optimal table space and the result is both practical and beautiful.

Never underestimate the impact of a bud vase. They may be small, but they are mighty. Bud vases have practical and economic advantages, while most importantly creating a heavenly floral aesthetic. When planning your next event, bud vases could be just what you need; ultimately, let your vision and your budget guide your decision-making process.

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Tess xx
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Love your ideas and reasoning for the use of bud vases for a variety of occasions.

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