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A bud vase and complementary posy are a sweet gift idea and are the perfect way to add a natural accent to any space. As petite vessels, bud vases are designed to feature singular statement flowers, which is ideal if you have your own garden to pluck a single stem to display. However, if you love the variety in a posy design, dried flowers offer countless possibilities for these ultra petite vessels. Given the obvious volume limitations of bud vases, I particularly love to forage for my floral ingredients; consequently, for inspiration, I have sourced all my demo ingredients from either my garden or foraged locally where appropriate. In the guide to follow, I share the five simple steps to achieving a sweet posy design that you can refresh time and time again.

1. Select Materials

This initial stage is the unexpected fun part. You have the opportunity to go outside in search of possibilities. It could be a field of wild grasses, a fallen branch by the roadside, or some treasure from your garden. There is so much beauty surrounding us, if only we take the time to pause and see it. For a simple posy design, I recommend sourcing three main elements: a focal flower (the lead), a filler flower (the staging/shape), and an accenting whimsical flower (the ensemble dancer).

Dried flower selection.   Dried flower selection conditioned and ready to use.

In the images above, you will see my collection of pretty, dead things from the ‘just snipped stage’ to the ‘conditioned & ready-to-use stage.’ Conditioning requires the removal of any damaged elements and unwanted leaves. For reference, my demo design included very dried daisies (focal), rice flower & reeds (filler), and bunny tails (whimsy).

2. Create Shape Using Filler Flower

Beginning stage of creating a dried flower posy.

Starting with your filler flower, create the overall shape of your posy. This is a straightforward process of adding stems until you are satisfied with both the shape and fullness of your design.

3. Add Focal Flower

Building a dried flower posy by adding focal flowers.

Now that you have established the size and expanse of your posy, place your focal flowers. Depending on the size of your focal blooms, you may only need to position three flowers. My focal daises, however, were quite petite; so, I threaded several flowers evenly throughout the rice flower base.

4. Add Whimsical Flower

Adding whimsical flower to a dried flower posy.

Whimsical elements are characteristically light and airy by nature. To add to the lightness and rhythmical movement of your design, add whimsical ingredients at heights slightly above the other elements to draw the eye upwards.

5. Finishing Touches

Wrapping a dried flower posy.   Dried flower posy wrapped and ready for gifting.

Complete your posy design by binding with twine and trimming stems to suit. If gifting your posy, add a little wow factor to your presentation with a generous layering of tissue paper.

One of the key advantages to this posy recipe and method, is that you can adapt it to a larger scale or tweak it to include more floral variety that suits your style. Nevertheless, I hope that it has provided a starting point from which more creative possibilities can develop. It’s no secret that I love a bud vase arrangement. They are a trending gift idea for any occasion from birthdays to bridesmaid proposals, but I love them most for the creative play they offer. While of course a florist can assist you to create a memorable bud vase arrangement, you would be missing the opportunity to foster your own curiosity. There is so much possibility in the world of flowers and foliage that surrounds us; if only we allow ourselves the time to observe it and seize the moment to create.

Tess xx

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