Drying Ranunculus: 4 Simple Steps | 3 min read

Ranunculi are one of my favourite Spring flowers. With their pillowy soft form and layers of delicate petals, Ranunculi are sheer perfection for lovers of a romantic, whimsical aesthetic. While much beloved as a fresh flower, Ranunculus also makes for the most delightful, dried bloom as it maintains its colour and delicate nature. To follow, I share my four simple steps for drying Ranunculus with ease.

1. Condition Flowers

Starting the drying process with fresh flowers that are in their best condition is a recipe for success. So, whether you source your flowers from a wholesale supplier or grow them yourself, allow flowers the opportunity to replenish with water in a fresh, clean vase away from sunlight. At Bracken & Berry, I source our blooms directly from one of our wholesalers, condition them, let them recover overnight, and commence drying the next day.

Bucket full of fresh white ranunculus.

2. Remove Buds & Leaves

Air flow is important in the drying process; consequently, removing unnecessary leaves and buds allows the blooms themselves more space to dry evenly.

Single stem of white ranunculus.

3. Hang Dry Stems Individually

To ensure a perfectly round form as they dry, Ranunculi need space; so, hanging individually is a crucial step. There are an infinite number of ingenious structures specifically designed to hang dry flowers; however, at Bracken & Berry storage is limited. As a result, I use the rather rudimentary method of pegging stems to coat hangers and placing in a spare cupboard.

Fresh ranunculus suspended from coat hanger; being prepared for drying.

4. Leave in a Dark Space

Sunlight is the enemy of dried flowers; hence, wherever possible dried flowers should ideally be dried and stored in a consistently dark space. Alternatively, aim for a space that doesn’t receive excessive direct sunlight.

Fresh ranunculus suspended from coat hanger; being prepared for drying.

Two weeks later…

The results are in and in roughly two weeks Ranunculi are mostly dried. As fresh flowers, Ranunculi have velvety soft petals, which transform into a heavenly tissue paper-like feel when dried. As dried blooms, Ranunculi can be very delicate; so, I recommend a gentle touch.

Dried white ranunculus.

One of the best ways to enjoy seasonal flowers beyond their specific season is the drying process. At Bracken & Berry, my flower drying experiments never cease to surprise and delight and experimenting with Ranunculi has been no exception. Spring is the most abundant season for floral variety, and I’m excited to trial drying unusual and unexpected styles. I hope you feel inspired to try some drying experiments of your own.

Tess xx

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