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The decision-making process can be agonising; especially when options appear to be limitless. When it comes to the world of flowers you quite literally have a rainbow of choice. If you are considering having a bespoke dried flower design commissioned or planning to elevate your event with flowers, the list to follow will assist in narrowing the field of colour possibilities.

1. Find inspiration in the space

Allow time to consider the space where you will display your flowers. Is the space a blank canvas or is there a cohesive aesthetic present? Would you like your flowers to contrast or harmonise seamlessly with the space? What kind of textures are discernible in the space? For example, is there exposed brick, fresh greenery, wooden floorboards, or polished marble? Taking the time to study the space for all its nuance can provide clear direction for colour as well as style of your ideal floral aesthetic.

Dried flower arrangement in a natural boho aesthetic.

2. Follow a feeling

Flowers are inherently emotional. When we give flowers they express a myriad of heartfelt emotion, from love to congratulations to sympathy. When we decorate with flowers, they have the same qualitative emotional impact. So, if you are considering a statement dried floral design for your home, how do you want your space to feel? If you love to come home to a space that is warm, inviting, and sparks joy, an earthy colour palette with citrus tones may suit. Alternatively, if you are planning an event such as a wedding, how do you want your reception to feel? Do you want your guests to feel part of an uplifting, intimate, heavenly family gathering? Then perhaps a combination of white, blush, and peach tones will bring the romance.

Autumn inspired dried flower table centrepiece.

3. Consider the seasons

There is a wealth of inspiration in seasonal shifts. Summer immediately feels bright, lively, and vibrant. Whereas Autumn is signified by changing leaves, earthy tones, and rustic textures. Winter can denote white with the onset of snow for cooler climates, but also celebrates rich, moody colour palettes, including garnet, indigo, and cobalt. Spring signals new growth and life with pastel shades and all things colour. So, consider the time of year. If you are event planning, seasonality, particularly in terms of flower choice, will serve you so well. If you are deciding on colours for a bespoke dried design, let your favourite season inspire you and lean into it.

Winter inspired botanical wall hanging in rich berry tones.

4. Determine your core colour

Time for a wardrobe review. What kind of colours do you love to surround yourself? A trip to your wardrobe can be revealing as you can easily identify in your clothing the colours you repeatedly purchase as well as those that you avoid. In my wardrobe you will find white, forest green, plum, and rust. Chances are that if you love to wear it, you will also enjoy seeing it in your flowers.

Autumn inspired botanical wall hanging.

5. Deep dive into Pinterest

The ever-reliable search engine, Pinterest provides a treasure trove of inspiration. Create a board for your floral design ideas and start pinning. Before you know it, you should be able to notice a trend in your preferred colour palette, design style, and flower selection.

6. Consult the Colour Wheel

The tried-and-true Colour Wheel has been a staple for designers across creative industries. If you know one specific colour that you love, the Colour Wheel can be helpful to identify subsequent colours that harmonise and contrast as you determine your overall palette combination.

Colour Wheel front.  Colour wheel back.


Decision making can seem daunting at first, but I hope these tips help to provide clarity, simplify your planning, and perhaps even make envisioning your dream florals a pleasurable process. If ever in doubt, we are always here to provide guidance and discuss the limitless possibilities available in the wonderful world of colour.


Tess xx

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