How to Make Your Own Grapevine Wreath - 5 Top Tips to Creating with Ease! | 2min read

Wreath season is upon us!
I personally love wreaths as a focal feature all-year round; however, there is something particularly special about wreaths during the festive season.  Grapevines are one of my favourite materials to work with to create wreath bases.  To follow are my five top tips for creating your own grapevine wreaths.


Long grapevines used for wreath making.

1. If possible, you ideally want to source long grapevine canes. This may not always be in your control, but when it comes to creating the shape of your wreath: the longer the vines the better.

2. Make sure the vines are damp when you construct your wreath. As a rule, dry vines can be brittle and more prone to snapping.  Grapevine canes usually become available during the winter pruning season; so, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work with damp vines if you leave your vines outside in the elements until you are ready to use them.  As winter can be dry at times in Perth, I have had to get creative and use a children’s pool to soak my vines prior to commencing construction.

3. When you begin constructing your wreath, start with one long grapevine cane and create a simple tie. While maintaining your grip on the tie with one hand, begin adding vines by wrapping each new piece tightly around your base tie.  Initially pieces may move, but as you gradually add vines, they begin to bind to one another.  On average, I use roughly four lengths of vine to build my wreath bases; however, this will vary depending on the size and style desired for your wreath.
Wreath making step by step process.      Wreath making step by step process.
4. Grapevines tend to have gnarly shoots and remnants of grape bunches attached. I prefer to keep these and feature them in unique ways in my designs; they add character and line.  If you prefer a neat, classic look, you may want to trim your wreath to suit.
Wreath making step by step process.      Grapevine wreath step by step guide.
5. Allow your finished wreath bases plenty of time to dry. For me, I give them at least three weeks to be safe.  If you attach materials to your bases too soon, I have found that as the wreath base continues to dry it inevitably shrinks ever so slightly, allowing the attached materials to come loose and fall out.


I hope these tips save you some frustration and make the whole process a breeze.  Happy making!

Tess xx

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Excellent information. I just finished trimming grape vines from the orchard and have them soaking in my bathtub. How do you store your wreaths to sustain their shape and integrity?

Cynthia Phelan

Ya hice una, como le puedo mandar las fotos?

Tere Ortiz

Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos

Tere Ortiz

Its exelent!
Thank you


You did not explain what material you use to tie the grapevine together What do you use ?


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