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At Bracken & Berry, we are fans of the leaf. No season honours the beauty in foliage quite like Autumn. With its quintessential textures and fading, changing colours, Autumn foliage is truly one of a kind. In the floristry and events industry, the valuable role foliage performs in design can be overlooked as flowers take centre stage. And yet, to tell the story of a seamless floral design, foliage works diligently in the background providing the staging for the floral players to shine. With their wayward stems and leafy abundance, foliage creates expanse and fills space. Autumn is where foliage takes unique precedence as the kaleidoscopic shades of fading leaves perfectly capture the essence of the season, signalling nature’s gradual progression into dormancy.

If you are planning an event in Autumn, you find yourself in the opportune time to celebrate some of nature’s most stunning foliage varieties at their absolute peak. To follow, are six of our favourite fall foliage that range in colour, texture, and shape.


Dried maple leaves.


Michelia rich green and brown Autumn foliage.

Liquid Amber

Handful of Liquid Amber locally grown Autumnal foliage.


Corokia foliage.

Montbretia Berry

Montbretia berry in rich autumnal tones.

Bracken Fern

Florist holding a branch of dried bracken fern.


The foliage featured above possess distinctive characteristics that make them uniquely impactful in seasonal design. In the list, maple is the most iconic of Autumn foliage. With its fifty shades of deep red to golden yellow, maple leaves are intrinsically tied to fall’s seasonal change. Michelia and Liquid Amber are also effective in creating Autumn’s rich colour palette. Michelia leans into deep forest green and earthy brown, while Liquid Amber celebrates ruby red and golden tawny. Texture lovers will swoon for Montbretia Berry and Corokia. These elongated foliage varieties create beautiful directional lines that vary in colour and add to the drama of the overall design. Then there’s Bracken Fern. Our namesake and favourite foliage for countless reasons. In Autumn, Bracken Fern naturally turns brown and begins to dry. Bracken Fern is one of the few foliage varieties that truly shines when technically dead. Its bronze to rich brown colouration is versatile in design. Its organic wild nature creates stunning shapes with effortless impact. Nature never ceases to amaze us with its incredible generosity each season. Autumn feels uniquely rich and indulgent with its warm, grounding tones. One only needs to look to the leaves to know the seasonal shift is on its way.

Are you an Autumn lover? Let us know your favourite fall foliage below…


Tess xx


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