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Spring is quite unlike any other time of year. Reaping the benefits of Winter rain, Spring sees nature come alive after dormancy with fresh new growth. For lovers of delicate romantic blooms, Spring provides complete abundance. If you are planning a wedding or event in Spring or are simply a flower fan, to follow are a selection of swoon-worthy favourites to anticipate in the coming season:


Seasonal Stunners:

Ranunculus – availability late Aug to Nov
Flannel Flower – availability Oct to Nov
Icelandic Poppy – availability Aug to Oct
Sunflower – availability Sep to Feb
Peony – availability Nov
Viburnum Snowball – availability late Sep to Oct

Vase full of white locally grown ranunculus.   Flannel flower grown in Australia.   Giant Icelandic poppies grown in Melbourne.

Elongated Lovelies:

Larkspur – availability Oct to Nov
Lavender – availability Oct to Dec
Snapdragon – availability Sep to Nov
Delphinium – availability Sep to Nov
Sweet Pea – availability Sep to Nov
Lilac – availability Oct

Purple larkspur locally grown in Perth.   Locally grown lavender.   Pink snapdragons.

Textural Beauties:

Waratah – availability Sep to Oct
Pincushions – availability Sep to early Dec
Strawflower – availability Sep to Dec
Queen Anne’s Lace – availability Oct to Jan
Isopogon – availability Sep to Oct

Waratah Australian native flower   Yellow pincushion locally grown in Perth.   Pink strawflower en masse.


While most of the flowers featured in this list will be grown in Perth during Spring, all will be produced by Australian growers throughout the course of the season. It may be helpful for Perth locals to distinguish peonies in this list. Possibly the most coveted of flowers in the business, peonies are notoriously difficult to grow in Australia. As they require a cool climate to thrive, peonies are only grown in select areas of Victoria and Tasmania and have a very short blooming season in November. In Perth, peonies usually become available between November and December with some supply from Tasmania as well as significant quantities imported from New Zealand. So, in the interest of transparency, not all peonies available in Spring will be Australian-grown peonies. By preferencing local and Australian-grown flowers, you benefit from genuine seasonality, superior quality & freshness, reduced environmental trade-off, and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting local industries.

For florists, Spring is an utter delight as each market visit spoils us more than the last. With its abundance of choice, Spring wants for nothing. Inspiration is everywhere. Enjoy the season. I know I will.

At Bracken & Berry, we are currently planning our wedding and events offering! We will begin with small weddings and events, with larger events possible as the team grows. More information will be released as we approach the launch date in late Spring 2022. Until then, please enquire via email at hello@brackenandberry.com.au

Tess xx
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