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Wreath design has always been one of my favourite floral creations. Wreaths are one of those designs that sweep you away in the creative flow as they take on a life of their own. You will find that wreath designs are as varied and plentiful as the flowers and foliage that adorn them. No matter the design aesthetic, there is a wreath style to suit. This month's blog is all about the base. From handmade to manufactured, bases can dictate the aesthetic direction of a wreath creation and contribute to the overall aesthetic impact of a statement piece.

Perfectly Imperfect Natural Base

My all-time favourite. I love a textured, slightly wild base made from vine. Grapevine is a personal favourite; however, wreaths can be made using honeysuckle, wisteria, Virginia creeper, and Clematis, just to name a few. The general rule would be if you can bind it, you can make a wreath base. I encourage experimentation with vine base construction for their originality; however, ready-made vine bases are available from florists and craft suppliers. Natural bases have so much character and that one-of-a-kind niche. With their natural and organic feel, vine bases lend themselves to a variety of aesthetics, including bohemian, romantic, rustic, feminine, and ethereal.

Dried flower wreath in rustic pinks on a handmade grapevine base.   Dried flower wreath in neutral tones on a handmade ivy base.

Handmade Rattan Hoop

For a simpler natural look, rattan is the perfect base. With its clean lines, a rattan hoop allows the wreath design itself to be the focus. Rattan hoops are available from craft supply stores and online craft retailers. Ticking the boxes for both natural finish and simplicity, rattan hoops are also extremely versatile in design, blending seamlessly with bohemian, coastal, neutral, and Scandinavian aesthetics.

Dried flower wreath in a neutral boho style on a rattan hoop.   Dried flower wreath in classic neutral tones on rattan hoop.

Metal Hoop

Taking clean lines to another level, metal hoops create beautiful contrasts in wreath design. Like rattan with their simplicity, metal hoops allow the wreath design to take centre stage. Metal hoops differ in tone with gold, silver, copper, and rust all possibilities. Some metal hoop styles can be difficult to source, but craft stores as well as Etsy are dependable suppliers. Metal hoops are versatile aesthetically; however, I find them more suited to contemporary styling.

Dried flower wreath on copper hoop in progress.   Dried flower wreath in bright tones boho style on copper hoop.

The All-Rounder

The most classic design. The All-Rounder: where the wreath design covers the base entirely. I prefer to construct these designs on a double-ring metal hoop that allows you to build up the design and create abundance. Although it is possible to create a 360⁰ design on a natural base, it always seemed a shame to me to cover and conceal such appealing handmade features. For an all-around design, the base needs to be purely functional. If you are only enjoying your wreath fresh, then using a natural base with natural bindings will allow you to compost your piece; however, if you are looking for a more permanent lasting wreath, then you have more options. I have always felt All-Rounder wreath designs lend themselves to seasonal decorating best. Christmas is the most obvious, but an all-around wreath can celebrate the start of Spring, Autumnal change, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Double wire hoop base for designing wreaths.   White Christmas dried flower wreath.

So, whether you are looking to create your own wreath or source one from a maker, starting with the wreath base will help determine your preferred aesthetic direction. It is so valuable to take the time to consider how you want your wreath to make you feel. Do the words serene, heavenly, and beach-vibes resonate? Then maybe neutral tones on a rattan hoop will suit you. Or are you more for uplifting, joyful, and Moroccan luxury? Then an abundant colourful design on a metal hoop could strike the right chord. As wreath season begins, let the base be your starting point, allowing it to inspire your design aesthetic and go from there.

Tess xx

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