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Dried flowers have soared in popularity since 2020. With their inherent delicate beauty and distinctive textural qualities, dried flowers lend themselves to an array of wedding aesthetics from the bohemian and rustic to the classic and minimalist. There are incredible gains to be found in taking your wedding in the dried floral direction. Whether you lean towards being the sustainable, economical, or just plain sentimental bride, dried flowers have limitless potential for your wedding styling.

Win 1: Reduce the post-wedding day waste

Flowers and weddings are synonymous with one another. Nothing will elevate the significance of an event like flowers, nor create a romantic, dreamy setting for a wedding ceremony. However, the temporary nature of fresh flowers can be perceived as a waste by some. More than ever, we have a greater environmental awareness and with it a well-honed sense of wastage. Enter dried flowers. With their longevity in mind, dried flowers offer a sustainable option as well as great long-term value for the financial investment required of wedding flowers.

I have incorporated dried flowers for a bride with such sustainability concerns. I utilised dried and preserved flowers to create a floral spray arbor feature that decorated the ceremony arch. This piece was designed as statement florals for the wedding, which were later altered to become a botanical wall hanging that the couple could enjoy as a memory of their special day. The floral art feature was also created entirely without floral foam. The bride preferred dried flowers for the statement features but opted for fresh in her bridal bouquet. You could be selective in the way you weave dried florals into your wedding, as this bride did, or embrace the dried trend entirely.

Dried flower arbor feature.     Dried flower botanical wall hanging.

Win 2: Getting married and being economical need not be mutually exclusive concepts

Today’s reality is that flowers are more expensive than ever before. Couples commonly spend upwards of $8,000 of their wedding budget on flowers alone. Yet, floral extravagance may not be practical for all couples; hence, elopements and small-scale weddings are a beautiful option as you can spend your money where it matters most. For elopements and intimate weddings, the most essential items are usually personals, including a bridal bouquet, buttonholes, and bridal party florals. These items could of course be made using fresh or dried components or a combination of both.

Dried flower bridal bouquet boho vibes.

However, if you have chosen a wedding date outside of peak season then dried flowers could be advantageous as flower availability can be challenging during certain periods. For example, dried flowers were ideal for a couple getting married on New Year’s Eve. It is common practice across many industries in Australia for businesses to take a break between Christmas and mid-January; consequently, sourcing an available florist whose work you love can be difficult for couples planning their nuptials at this time. The bride opted for entirely dried flowers from her bouquet to small vases adorning the tables. The guests were encouraged to take a vase with them after the reception. For her wedding day, the bride collected her flowers before Christmas and set them up herself, saving on florist onsite setup fees. So, if you are getting married outside of peak season, dried flowers add to the ease of wedding preparations. The same idea would also apply if you were getting married whilst on your travels or having a remote destination wedding.

Win 3: Make memories & keep them always

Weddings bring out the sentimental side in all of us. At every stage of a wedding day, memories are being made. For most couples, the countless photographs capturing each special moment are the only means of reminiscence. However, what if you could enjoy and cherish your wedding flowers beyond the day you said, ‘I do’? This is of course the best feature of dried flowers: longevity. Your wedding flowers are special; perhaps the most meaningful flowers you will ever receive. And, for the bride who treasures every keepsake, dried flowers provide a beautiful lasting physical memory of your special day. So, a dried bouquet is an obvious choice for the sentimental bride; however, you could also consider dried options for bridal party florals that your nearest and dearest could cherish as a gift. I have also designed a dried flower hoop for a flower girl, which she later used to decorate her bedroom.

Dried flower hoop for a flower girl.

I’m thrilled that the dried flower trend is here to stay. I love dried flowers for weddings. Their light, airy and textural qualities harmonize beautifully with the dreamy, ethereal nature of weddings. No matter if you go all in with dried flowers or take a selective approach, dried flowers have infinite possibilities for creating heavenly wedding aesthetics.

At Bracken & Berry, we are currently planning our wedding and events offering! We will begin with elopements and small events, with larger events possible as the team grows. More information will be released as we approach the launch date in Spring 2022. Until then, please enquire via email at

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