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Fall - Dried Flower Wreath

Fall - Dried Flower Wreath

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Embrace the changing seasons with our delightful Fall Wreath, a breathtaking composition of luxurious dried florals. The inviting hues of fall leaves mingle with delicate flowers and wild grasses for an Autumnal aesthetic that is both organic and elegant. Our Fall Wreath is a celebration of Autumn's rich textures and warm colours, designed with an attention to detail that guarantees a stunning visual display.

This design features a small handmade grapevine base, which is perfectly imperfect in style. Grapevines sourced locally from the Swan Valley, Western Australia. Flowers & foliage attached using a chicken wire mesh support. Hung from a frayed cotton linen ribbon.

Approximate dimensions: 50cm wide x 70cm high

This design is available for Australia-wide shipping.

Delivery Turnaround Time

This design is made to order. Please allow two days for your wreath to be ready to despatch, deliver, or collect. If ordering for Local Delivery or Local Pickup, please select the date at least two days from the date of order. We offer Local Delivery Wednesday to Saturday and Local Pickup Wednesday to Friday. Please see our Delivery Policy for additional Local Delivery, Pickup, & Shipping Information.

Due to seasonal availability and stock levels, we may need to substitute dried flowers from those featured. We will select the most beautiful flowers available in keeping with the colour and style shown.

Care Advice

Dried flowers are designed to last and can be enjoyed for years to come with little upkeep required. To minimize colour change, we recommend placing your dried floral design away from direct sunlight. It is also important to avoid humid spaces, such as bathrooms, as excess moisture can cause leaf & flower damage.

For wreaths, specifically, we recommend assessing the humidity risk if you choose to store your wreath in a box for part of the year. If you live in a humid environment, you will need to ensure that your wreath is stored with plenty of air ventilation. Delicate by nature, dried florals are best placed in positions where they are safe from wear and tear; consequently, the front door is not advisable for dried wreaths.

Lastly, dried flowers benefit from the occasional dusting. A hairdryer on its lowest, coolest setting is an effective dusting method.

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